Welcome to the IN Consultancy Services Website.

GL2200Established in 2001 as a partnership,  IN Consultancy Services provide coaching and facilitation services to the private, public and voluntary sectors.  We also have a side-interest in sound engineering and provide Audio Visual tech support locally in Moray and the surrounding area.

At INCS we recognise that to stay in business it is essential to seek out new ways of working; change is now the norm and standing still can mean you are going backwards.   Even a conversation can help to confirm that things are currently where they need to be.  In coaching just the action of having to explain something to someone outside the scenario can help to clarify things.  Someone to ask the ‘stupid’ questions, like why?  Organisations become stuck and find it difficult to progress.  We can help to break the ice by working with individuals, teams and organisations to find new routes through or to unfreeze the things that constrain current development.

The ‘how’

INCS is very ‘hands on’ and focused on fully engaging with clients to ensure that real value is added. We bring a practical and engaging approach that is supported by a strong academic background as well as years of practical experience in private, public and voluntary sectors.

INCS  also works with other established consultancies based in Scotland.  This co-operative approach broadens our experience and creates opportunities to consider and discuss new approaches.

It can be difficult to pick up the phone and make the call, but we will make it as easy as possible.  Give us a call to discuss how we might help you and add value to your project or to discuss audio visual issues….  A brief conversation cost nothing and who knows what might come from it. – 01343-83 13 63


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