Public Speaking

Let me introduce you to a new product: Public Speaking Prompt Cards.

These cards are a coaching tool for people who have to speak in public.  Self-coaching, or running through a speech with a friend, these cards help you to mitigate some of the things that can go wrong and set yourself up for success.

Have you been asked to run a briefing or workshop?  Wedding speech?  Do you feed that your public speaking could be better or simply have to deliver a report at a meeting?  Having the confidence to stand up in public and speak is not something that can be bought, it can only be gained by practice.  However, the stress of public speaking can be reduced by careful preparation, and setting the conditions for success.  This pack of prompt cards helps you do just that.  Deal in advance with the issues that can be mitigated and prepare for the best outcome.Front of cards

Confidence will grow with practice…!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”                  Benjamin Franklin

A difficult audience, poor venue or lack of preparation can all work against you, when you stand to speak.  As a professional facilitator, I have sat through many speeches and workshops demonstrating both the best and worst.   The result is this pack of prompt cards…

back of cardsThe Cards

Each pack contains about 60 cards with one idea or concept on each card.  The cards are grouped under four headings: Introductions, Communication, Distractions and Audience.   Use the cards to discuss or think about how it applies to the scenario you are planning.

The cards are about to go into production, (Summer ’18) and can be pre-ordered from Strategy Cards at    or by emailing me at

Enjoy your public speaking, it is meant to be fun!


Special deal for voluntary organisations

If we can fit you in around existing work, we offer a special deal for churches and voluntary organisations.

This is how it works…

Sweets testContact us and we can chat through your needs.  It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you are looking for, but we can provide…

  • Facilitation:  running a meeting or open consultation (with your members)
  • Group Coaching: Helping the management group identify issues and look at possibilities for addressing them
  • Individual Coaching: face to face or by Skype

There are no fees charged for this service.  We will invoice for our expenses at normal rates, and look to receive a discretionary gift based on the size of the event / service, and what you can afford.

This offer is only open to small voluntary organisations and churches, who can’t afford normal consultancy fees.

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