There is an assumption within the coaching philosophy, that the person who has the best grasp of what is best for your business… is you.

Coaching for Synergy

When do two and three make more than five..?  Synergy is when people or groups work so well together that the result is better than the sum of the parts.  This is what high performing teams do; create synergy.


Teamwork, is a much used, often abused phrase that we take for granted and yet it permeates many aspects of daily life.  Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that people don’t develop into high performing teams left to their own devices.  Lack of leadership, information or motivation, infighting and mistrust can all erode the benefits of having an effective ‘team’.  Coaching can help!


High performing teams are focused, and highly motivated with loads of energy.  Poor performing teams are limited in motivation and create depressing and difficult places to work in. What is it that makes the difference?  At INCS we firmly believe that the values and culture of an organisation are fundamental to its development and ultimately its performance.

We can help you explore the areas that impact performance and look at the range of options for moving forward.

INCS can help you develop and create opportunities for your team by:

  • Organising, facilitating and delivering team building events.
  • Exploring organisational culture, teamwork models and tools to help develop the team.
  • Team away days – developing relationships through informal activity.
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Facilitating reviews, identifying gaps and looking at future development opportunities.

Everything we do is about relationships and helping the team to build better and more robust interactions with each other. Creating discussion and having to explain concepts is in itself is an act that often helps clarify issues and bring understanding.

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