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Do you ever get that feeling that you should have got more out of that session, or that the meeting wasn’t quite as good as it should have been? People were talking too much? No outcomes? People quiet and not contributing? No follow-up? Not using Pinpoint?

“it’s a left brain right brain thing…”

Pinpoint is a graphic facilitation medium, that we use to promote full participation of delegates in a way that ensures they enjoy it more, remember it more and take away the learning from the day.

Left brain / right brain ~

Left Brain
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The theory is that different areas of the brain process different aspects of our lives. The left half of the brain is more verbal and analytical whilst the right side processes the more creative aspects of our experiences.  The shapes and colours allow the attendees to engage with a larger part of the brain. If you are having a team get together, meeting, consultation, or a project review then Pinpoint is the ideal tool to get the most out of your event.  We will design a process that is interactive, colourful and memorable.

In addition to delivering a special event for you we can reinforce the learning by recording the event; writing up the paper output of the day(s). If delegates get a copy of the training material a week after the event, they are reminded of all that was discussed and the actions decided upon.  The following day is too soon after the event, whilst leaving the delivery of the material for two weeks means the event is a distant memory.  7-10 days is about right.

But what is it ~ this Pinpoint…?

Pinpoint is difficult to describe in a way that does justice to the concept; it’s easier to show you…  For some clips of Pinpoint in action, have a look at their own promotional videos on YouTube…


If you are already a Pinpoint user, it may be of interest to know we provide a write-up service.  Send us the paper roll by overnight courier at the end of the event and we will type it up and send it back as a pdf document.  Give your delegates a colourful reminder of what they said was important, and what they said they would do…!


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