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Speaking in Public

The Fear of Speaking in Public

People are relatively uncomfortable speaking in a public.  Around 85% of us put public speaking right up near the top of our list of fears.  That means that to have anxiety when we have to stand up and speak is perfectly normal.

However, the stress of public speaking can be reduced by careful preparation.  In partnership with Strategy Cards limited, we have put together a pack of prompt cards to enable you to have coaching  conversations on a variety of topics around the subject of having to speak in public.  

Having the confidence to stand up in public and speak is not something that can be bought, it can only be gained by practice.   A difficult audience, poor venue or lack of preparation can all work against you, when you stand to speak.  However, with some thought and planning you can set the conditions for success.

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This pack of prompt cards can help you do just that.  Deal in advance with the issues that can be mitigated and prepare for the best outcome.

Confidence will grow…!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”                  Benjamin Franklin


The cards cover a whole range of scenarios, from speaking in a meeting, to a formal public speech, to running a workshop.  They are prompts to get you to think about factors that might have a negative impact on your talk.  Room conditions, barriers to communication, audience factors.  Each card contains a phrase or word that is either something positive you should think about when speaking, or something negative to watch out for.

The cards cover four areas – Introduction, communication, distractions, audience factors. Each section contains a number of cards which each have one idea or phrase pertaining to public speaking.  The card also has a short explanation or thought on the subject. Eg. “Communication – Speech – Clarity – Speak clearly especially when using names or unfamiliar terms – use screen for names”

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